Our State of Texas is being over run with wild pigs.  Wild pigs are mostly nocturnal and rarely seen in the open daylight.  But, yesterday, as we were driving into town, we approached the creek from our home, in open daylight, was a mother with her three piglet standing in the creek drinking.  The population of pigs in the U.S. is estimated at 4 to 5 million and at least half of that count is in Texas.  We have a hard time trying to raise a baby goat because these pigs are so brazen and attack the babies, kill, and eat them.  When they finish their meal nothing is left.  In most cases they even devour the bones.  Pigs are omnivorous.  They can destroy  pastures, fields or yards.   The pasture they routed recently was a rock area.  How they routed those boulders is beyond me. They rout the ground with their nose and this pig must have ended with a very sore nose by looking at the boulders that were moved.  Even our tractor would have had a difficult time uprooting this area.  We have trappers who come into the property with trained dogs to find the pigs and they are shot.  The pigs are very dangerous and destructive, especially on golf courses , yards, creeks, drainages, and corn fields.  We see dead pigs along the roads and highways in our area that were hit by a car.  At this point, the only solution has been left up to the individual property owners.  We have used traps on our property and then called in the hunters to export them to the slaughter houses.  People do consume them!


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