Our leader had to waste our money, again, traveling in the “big bird” to the University of Michigan where he continued to slam Republicans in Congress for opposing a minimum wage increase Wednesday, saying that the GOP measure is pretty consistent with their general worldview and further blasting the new budget proposal from Representative Paul Ryan (R).  Would you tell me why he cannot stay in Washington and tell that to their faces?  He always travels miles away and spends all of this money for travel to blast the Republicans.  Why doesn’t he have a town hall meeting and face the American people and let them have their say at this point?  No, that is why always he hides behind the skirts of Democratic college students and does not expose himself to the American voters.  

He is talking about minimum wage – he is talking about rinky-dink wages. We could have had both!  What about telling us why he did not sign off on the high-dollar wages that could have been had for the people of this country by not signing off on the Keystone Pipeline?  No, because his high-dollar supporters would have written him off.  Just think of all of the jobs that would have been a fall-off from this Keystone Pipeline throughout the country  even the minimum wages that it would have created.  This leader does not want jobs.  He wants to keep people under the Democrats control.  And, don’t forget he promised the Russians he would have more leverage after the election by pushing us further and further down that ladder.

Yes, Mr. Leader, your quote about Ryan’s plan has been recycled from previous proposals in other election cycles. And, you referred, “it’s like that movie Groundhog Day, except it’s not funny.”   At least Ryan is trying to present ideas to the American people to see if the idea is palatable.    Your administration is spending its time trying to  make those playoff bracket charts and then trying some jump shots and all you end up doing are “lay up shots – Keystone Pipeline.”   The people know you are the weatherman referred to in the movie and are finding out, “you and  your administration are in the time loop, repeating the same lies – day after day.”  If I were the official referee, I would eject  you from the game.

Yes,  I have to agree this movie “Groundhog Day,” which was added to the United States National Film Registry in 2006  as being deemed “culturally,  historically, or aesthetically significant,” certainly fits the shoes of this administration and they certainly need to re-examine their lives and priorities. 


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