Is it true, that the EPA’s chief is going to go after Republicans who question the agency’s integrity science? So, what does that mean – go after?  Hey, what about the Democrats, why aren’t they included in this statement?  How can we question the data, if they don’t know what the data is?  Why shouldn’t other scientists not question the numbers if there is a disagreement on the numbers with “real scientists.”   Some of the Republicans have led the charge on pressing the EPA to make publicly available scientific data behind its clean air regulations.   She promised she would make this information available during her confirmation process last year.  Oh, the promises these people make just to get in the door?  Now she refuses to cough up the data. Another broken promise by this administration.  Now why would they not want to share the data if it is real-time information?  What are they afraid of?  That alone would make anyone suspicious.  Would you call this another lie?  It is – until she coughs up this information  that she promised she would make available.   How can we ever believe these people?

How many millions of regulations has this Democratic group data-mined at the present time?  I am sure it would be eligible for the World Book of Guinness’ records.


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