DSCN0610Where is that global warming guy?  Here it is April 22, 2014, and last night at 9:15 p.m. we had a rain and hail storm at my home.  It became very cool and the hail was the size of a nickel and sounded like someone hitting the roof and walls of the house with a baseball bat.  As we watched through the windows, the lights were sparkling on the pool water, it was a ballroom with ballerinas performing a recital all around the pool and the patio.  

Then reality set in with the hail pouncing our pear, plum, apple, and peach trees.  When this happens, I think of all the farmers who needed all of this fruit to make a living. And, our roof, will it be okay?  In the meantime, the lightning and thundering were dancing around us. Where was Beau, our puppy?  As usual, under the coffee table with his head under his front paws.  He does not like the thunder or lightning.  This all lasted about thirty minutes and then it was very quiet.  We peeped out the door, it smelled so fresh, and then focused on the leaves and all of the hail on the ground. After taking some pictures and gathering some of the hail for the freezer, we closed the door, turned out the lights, and headed for bed.  

This morning was lawn clean-up time with the gathering of two large lawn bags of leaves.  Some of the fruit did survive and now a call must be made to the insurance  company to have the roof checked.  It seems that God continues to mock the “global warmers.”


About kommonsentsjane

Enjoys sports and all kinds of music, especially dance music. Playing the keyboard and piano are favorites. Family and friends are very important.
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