How do two young man who come to America to be educated and have the possibility of a bright future end up in prison and his brother dead?  These two people were using the welcoming American system of welfare to the highest degree.  How does a person’s mind become so warped by his own religion?  This religion needs to do some soul-searching and see where it is going wrong. This training of four- and five-year old children to become jihadist must stop and, instead, train them to be law- abiding citizens.  Why do the parents go along with allowing their children’s minds to be warped?  Are the parents paid money for having lost their children?  And are they telling the people in their communities what their children have done?  

Have these bombers ever thought about the people who are training them to blow up themselves are not going out and blowing themselves up – so why don’t they, if they think this is such an honor. Have they ever thought about this?   Has this religion been hijacked?  This certainly is a black mark on the Muslim people and one mark that the elders of this religion should change because they are even killing their own people all over the world.  The young man in prison has had a whole year to think about what he has done and in the end he will get what he gave to the Boston people – death.  I wonder has he shown any remorse?  A lot of unanswered questions which should be pursued!


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