The country will call him the “Whinner/Victim  Attorney General (AG).”  If his Mom is still around, she needs to take him to the woodshed and explain a few things!  We are aware of his reputation as a “do nothing AG.”  He should have left that race card in the deck of cards at his home. Watching him give his speech in front of Sharpton’s (is it true that Sharpton has been a FBI snitch) organization was actually humorous.  He acted like a child who had been caught with his hand in the cookie jar and was trying to explain why his hand was in the cookie jar. The funny part was that the audience as he was flipping the words through the act was chanting, “YEAH.”   Can you imagine the main law man in the country acting like a school yard bully?  If you have ever seen jello after it has been jelled – firm –  but yet wallowing around the bowl – that was my thought watching him wallow in self-pity.  

All we expect of him is to set an example for the American people and follow the Constitution in order for this country and its people to be law-abiding citizens – or is that expecting too much of this administration.  The scandals are piling up and what a legacy  will be left behind for the black people.  Don’t tell me the American people are picking on him because of his color – that dog don’t hunt anymore because the people have that number embedded on their forehead!  Just do your job or has  your job description been shredded like the Constitution?  Would one of you Congressmen give him a copy!

As a piece of advice, follow the Navy’s pilot training code:  If you are lost – climb, conserve and confess.”



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