The Drudge’s tweet Saturday in regards to not signing up for Obamacare and instead paying the penalty undoubtedly hit a sour note with the White House.  Glad to hear that people are standing up to this pain in the assle and speaking up.  The White House response was incorrect as usual.  Most workers pay their taxes with each paycheck; but, if you pay estimated taxes – you pay your taxes quarterly.  If you wait until 2015 to pay your taxes for 2014 you have to pay a penalty (Line 77 on Form 1040) because IRS wants their cash ASAP and then Drudge had to pay his additional penalty for Obamacare since he did not sign up for the healthcare.  Experience suggests that taxpayers are right 90 percent of the time and the IRS with degrees and no ability – wrong all of the time because of the volume of laws and the interpretation of the tax code.   Why not settle for a Fair Tax and forget the IRS and make them get a “real job.”


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