There has been a lot of information on the  internet about our leader giving the internet to the United Nations.  There hasn’t been any fuss-down from the Congress or the Senate.  It looks like what we have is only a bottoms-up fuss-up.   The country is always trying to invent a better process for evaluating our Congressmen and Senators and this certainly does not help any of them.  The polls are showing bad for the whole ball of wax in Washington at this point in time.  We are going to have to find a different way of relating to them when we are not happy with what this leader is doing on his own without any feedback from the rest of the government. They say, sometimes you have to use a baseball bat to get someone’s attention –  they are not taking care of the needs of the nation.  If this  giveaway happens,  they are not following  Amendment I of the Constitution which each of them swore on a Bible to uphold –  or is that what they are trying to do is shut down the Constitution?  All of you people out there – speak up to your representatives.  I can’t hear you!  Let’s ROAR!




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