The popularity polls for the Republicans, Democrats, the leader, and the administration may not be the hottest ticket in town; but, I can verify one thing – at least the Republicans are not trying to destroy this country like the Democrats.  The Republicans are trying to keep the government a float even in spite of this leader and the democrats who are spending our country to oblivion.  The problem in the Democrat party as I have stated previously – they have a split party with moderate Democrats and progressives who are communists or socialists.  Florida election has proven that people are waking up to this Obamacare debacle that will drain our economy.  They even had Clinton and our leader fly down to Florida and gave a “dog and pony show.”  This same group left Chicago and came to Washington to accomplish what they did to Detroit – just left an empty shell.  We have only one person to blame and that is Axelrod who groomed this leader for a job he was not qualified for and fooled the people with his grandiose visions of fairy tales.  Congress just needs to hold on to the purse until November, 2014 and pray that people will come to their senses and vote these crooks out of office.  Corruption was rampant in Chicago when they were there, now the bulk of them are in prison, and the same thing is happening in D.C.  We must fight back!  


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Enjoys sports and all kinds of music, especially dance music. Playing the keyboard and piano are favorites. Family and friends are very important.
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