Is Spring finally here? Our fruit trees are starting to bloom and our mock pears have pearly white blooms popping out.  Thank goodness!  It has really been cold which I don’t mind because I just stay indoors. There is always plenty to keep  you busy.  Daylight savings showed up yesterday; and, by the looks of church attendance Sunday, everyone forgot to reset their clocks.  The Spring time of the year is so nice but the daylight savings time is something you have to make adjustments to your daily life.  The morning is nice but the evening and sundown is so late  – that means dinner and bedtime is later and rising is earlier.  It should not make a difference but it seems that we are always waiting for the sun to set.  A friend of ours pointed out to us that when the sun is on its last leg of setting  you can see a green rim around the top of it  and it “is something special.”  My better half  tells me he can see it with binoculars.  I am still looking for that green rim; but, when I look at the sun,  I see spots and it bothers my eyes.  I quit looking and just let them tell me about it.  There is nothing more beautiful than a West Texas sunset with a quick glance because that is about how long it lasts.  The first picture are the turkeys that are glad it is Spring.  The second is the mock pear tree in the back yard, and, last, is the sunset.




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Enjoys sports and all kinds of music, especially dance music. Playing the keyboard and piano are favorites. Family and friends are very important.
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