Let’s take time out to talk about our Constitution and talk about these three masters of manipulation called branches of government, plus our Attorney General of the U.S.  Someone needs to step up to the plate and call out that these “executive orders” are not legal.  So what do they do about it – just stand still with their hands in their pockets?  There is a home plate out there that someone can step up to the plate; and, if that attorney general won’t do his job because he is one of the ones who is not enforcing the laws of this country or making new ones every day – then head to the Supreme Court – if the lower courts won’t do their job.  A good example is Obamacare – how much more can you abuse power in the way it is being manipulated – money-wise and law-wise?  The people of this country had faith in each and every one of you when they elected you to office and you swore on a Bible that you would uphold the Constitution – so what are you waiting for?  

Are these people afraid of being called a “racist?”  Well, so be it – we have been tip-toeing through the forest too long and it is time to get off the pot and flush the commode because it is starting to smell!


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