Since the dawn of history, men have fought against other men.  Any struggle in which two large groups try to destroy or conquer each other is considered a war.  In modern times, no nation or group chooses war if it can get what it wants, peacefully.  The fighting starts when a nation wants something so badly that it is willing to go to war to get it.   Sometimes war results from a disagreement between two nations and sometimes from a desire for conquest.   The basic causes may be a desire for more land, a desire for more wealth, a desire for more power, or a desire for security.

World War II was the result of Adolph Hitler whose plan was to conquer the whole world with the aid of Japan.  The mistake the United States (US) makes is by turning the countries, like Iraq and Afghanistan, back to the very people who have not been  helpful during the fighting.  My feeling is they should establish a shadow government reporting to our military until the country is stable and understands how to run a democratic-elected country.   We have established what was supposed to be the governments in both of these countries and now they are telling us to leave, basically.  We have already exited Iraq.  Have you heard any thanks from Iraq people for the U.S. freeing them?  Didn’t we fight and win?  This is not the way it should be!  We have sacrificed so many lives, so many disabled soldiers, and so much money – for what.  Now we are pulling out of Afghanistan because we cannot get their leader to sign an agreement to protect our young men while in that country.  Why aren’t we calling the shots?  What do we have to show for 12 years of our young men disrupting their lives and to be away from their families.  If we leave, the country will revert to its prior course, the children will not be educated and the women will not have any rights.  Whoever the strategist was – they need to go back to rethink how to fight a war.   I think all of the Administration, House, and  Senate should serve some time on the front lines to know what war really is.  In that regards, these people would have a better sense and understand what these military people have to endure.  Then, I think they would better appreciate the sacrifice these people make for their country and would not be so flippant in their decisions.  I don’t know a thing about fighting wars; but, I do know if my country won the fight – that country would be calling the shots.  Why are we rolling over and playing dead?


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Enjoys sports and all kinds of music, especially dance music. Playing the keyboard and piano are favorites. Family and friends are very important.
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