How amusing, Juan Williams was discussing the number of executive orders our leader had made versus earlier presidents and chided in to say that our leader has made fewer orders than the past two leaders.  That might true; but, it depends on whether the orders are legal or illegal.  In the leader’s orders they are not legal.  Example, Obamacare was a contract made by our government to tax the American people (it is  a tax because  Roberts and the Supreme Court said so).  The Congress (solely Democrats)  passed the tax without any Republican supporting it.  The American people were not given a chance to read or know what was in it – which is not legal.  The American people did not sign off on it – so a contract is not legal until it is signed, right.   From start to finish, Pelosi made this statement that the people would not get a chance to know what was in it because they would be upset and not allow it.  So it had to remain a secret.  The contract for Obamacare is invalid due to misrepresentation and puffing on the part of the Democratic Party.  Pure and simple!  Now, Juan, to answer your question – always remember what O’Reilly has taught you – do you follow more bad behavior with bad behavior?  Example, if your friends robbed a bank and because they weren’t caught would you go rob a bank?  That is what is happening – the American people are being robbed by your Democratic Party.


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