During my employment, the company’s policy was that drug dogs were employed to run through our ten-story building unannounced from time to time.  Drugs were prohibited on the property.  Does anyone know what the White House policy is about drugs?  Since our leader spoke about drugs and said they were no more harmful than alcohol that really got me to thinking.  Maybe we need to have the drug dogs run through the White House and see if all of the furniture has been dusted?  It seems these people don’t think very clearly and I have been wondering – is that our country’s  problem? 

  Sibelius probably could recommend a center for anyone who needed to rehab – now that everyone has signed up and has Obamacare insurance – so she says?  Hmmm – she had 18 visits to the White House to meet with our leader prior to the roll out of Obamacare and she did not tell him there were problems with the website.  She would have been fired at the company I worked.


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