A new kind of discrimination has evolved in the Socialist Democratic party!  In the old days, it was between the white and the blacks, now it is between the blacks because they have opened their eyes as to who is really keeping them on the plantation with all of the gimmicks – free this and free that. The blacks who have risen from the ranks and achieved success look back and see what this party is doing to their own – it is called – throw them out a little chicken feed and they will be happy.  They are trying to eat their own – politically speaking – to keep them in the Socialist party.  This party is not trying to help anyone.  Take a good look at the job situation.  They ran all of the jobs out of this country by taxing them so much they left.  Why, because they wanted wealth distribution in America by distributing the jobs to the world.  They throw out a crumb or two every week by fudging the numbers and any other numbers that skew the facts.  Example, the Keystone Pipeline – just think how many jobs this could open.   But no, this administration is keeping this in the box to hold people back until it is politically expedient for them.  Look at the state of Nebraska and other states run by Republican governors and what they have achieved on their watch.  They did not wait for this administration – who can’t run anything – because they have never run anything but their mouths.  My question is – are you better off today?


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Enjoys sports and all kinds of music, especially dance music. Playing the keyboard and piano are favorites. Family and friends are very important.
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