We all hear the present Socialist Democratic party beating the drum of  “not wanting to show photo  identification at the voting polls in order to vote.”  The following is a true story of the past and why I think it should be imperative to show a photo identification. 

In 1948, Governor Coke Stevenson of Texas was the leading candidate for U.S. Senate from Texas.  The conservative governor was being challenged in the race by a liberal congressman named Lyndon Johnson.  Historians will tell you that Coke won that election but some of the most flagrant voter fraud ever seen handed the senate seat to Lyndon Johnson.  Six days after the election, Coke was leading Johnson in a close election, but a mysterious ballot box from Jim Wells County had yet to surface.  When it did, 200 votes,  many of which were cast in alphabetical order,  went 198 to 2 for Johnson and decided the election. 

The irony of this election was that the voting lists for this mysterious Ballot Box 13 were never found, but most historians agree that Johnson’s victory was the result of voter fraud.  I wonder why it was never found?  The  story always floated around was that a lot of dead people were able to vote.  As we all know, Johnson eventually became President and enacted some of the most liberal, costly,  and damaging public policies in American history.

Now does that tell you why photo identification is a must in our elections.  As we all know,  politics is not known as the most honest occupation – ask the lobbyists.


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