O’Reilly on Fox was  discussing Hillary’s latest interview on one of the other stations!  O’Reilly asked Monica Crowley and Alan Combs what were some things that Hillary did right during her tenure as Secretary of State.  They both seemed to be unable to give him an answer immediately and O’Reilly did not dare ask the opposite question.  The answer, in my opinion,  was very easy:  The thing she did right was:  when she retired and hung up her hat as Secretary of State.

Hillary was asked about Benghazi and she stated that she regretted the death of four people.  The reporter should have asked her about “why did she lie to the family of the four about their deaths and the video?”  The reporter did not ask that question – why not? 

But going back to O’Reilly, he also had a discussion on who was to blame about the housing problem.  It seemed he blamed it on the big banks.  Sorry, O’Reilly, but remember it started with Barney Frank (Freddie Mack and Fannie Mae) and his idea was that everyone needed to own a house.  Then Frank threatened the banks if they did not give home loans to everyone with no questions asked, if they could afford it, or even had a job.  Now, who really created the mess?  We sure don’t want to give the credit to the wrong person, do we?  Therefore, the second mistake was when the banks created a system in which they bundled these loans and sold them all over the world.  If this is wrong, I stand corrected? 


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