When we  board a plane at the airport we have to go thru a strip search and show our photo identification to prove who we are; but, when people go vote in Pennsylvania, a judge ruled just this week,  that you do not have to show a picture identification to vote.  Must have a lot of illegals and dead people who want to vote.  So what is more important  – casting your vote to elect an official or boarding an airplane.  If you do not have to show an identification to vote  why should I have to show a photo identification at the airport and they get a free peek at the body to board a plane – I don’t have to show an identification when I board a bus or train.  Why  must I have a photo identification on my driver’s license to drive a car?  Seems things are a little mixed up in the minds of these judges.  You would think they would want to have a consistent policy since all of us have photo identifications.  I bet every blooming one of them is a Socialist Democrat.  It is called “pick and choose in the game of corruption.”  If they didn’t play the Democrat game of voter fraud, they would be thrown off the bench.


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