It looks like it is going to take a “lay person” to fix this Obamacare debacle!  The first thing they need to do is list all of the insurance companies in America, how much they charge for the insurance per family members and the deductible, let people buy across state lines, reform the tort system to cut out the lawyers and have a limit for suing, and get the government out-of-the-way.  The reason for all of this confusion is on purpose so they can go to a one-payer system so that the government can control every person.  Our leader thinks Great Britain is the role model for this insane program and we all know how good that system is because people come to America for treatment instead of waiting years to be treated.  The main purpose is that people with advanced medical technology are living too long and the government does not like taking care of all of these old people.  So, if they control this area of our lives, they can  limit the amount of medical help you receive at all stages of your life (example, only three doctor medical visits per year). 

If you take a look at the people who were standing behind our leader – why does he always use a back drop of people – the facts reported were that only three of the group actually were signed up.  How do these people, who were the props feel – when they are part of a lie – do they feel used?


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