Do people really believe all of these polls that the Socialist Democrat media is publishing?  With their past history, I think the answer to that is a resounding, “NO?”  With all of the pushing and shoving these people are doing to the American people,  they think the American people are “stupid.”  After the shutdown and not allowing the vets in the World War II grounds: but yet, they opened up the mall to the Occupy Wall Street gangs who lived there for 100 days, proved to the American people who this administration is supporting.  As usual, this administration is trying as hard as “ell” to disrupt this country.   The shutdown proved only one thing, the Obama administration was trying to cover up a lot of scandals in the administration and just needed to put more stress on the people to change the subject.  Remember, every crisis should be used to advance the agenda of the administration.  Even some of the rhinos in the Republican party were tangled in this web of deception. 

The Gallop poll,  one of the dead horses,  keeps referring to the GOP’s favorability sinking levels.   I think they need to look at the true facts not the administration’s talking points.  The true points show  – the President’s level of acceptability keeps sinking and the Socialist Democrat’s ability to lie to the people on a continuing basis is revealing  that the people are dismissing them entirely as “liars, liars, pants on fire.”    The Democrat Socialists are shaking in their boots since Ted Cruz stood up for the American people – so what do they do – they are using the Obama tactics of “crushing  him.”   As usual, if they can’t find anything they will just “make something up” to mislead the people by continuing to pounce on extreme personal attacks on Cruz . That was the same Chicago tactics they used in the last two elections.   For example,  TIME magazine released a report stating the senator had POSSIBLY – did not accuse him directly – only POSSIBLY – committed ethics violations during his 2012 run.  Well, all of you Socialist Democrats,  especially the White House, better clean up your  own messing pad before you throw rocks at others.   You have so violated the laws of ethics for five years and especially abused the Constitution that you are – “old too soon and smart too late.”

Another ploy by this “gang land style” politics is the hatching of  “The #ConservativeBandNames” on Twitter -all deployed by the Obama’s White House computer room, a group of 200 people, paid by the taxpayer,  on the internet 24 hours a day reading all of the emails to counteract bad publicity against this group of “unintelligent thugs.”  I have a few hashtags in mind – but I would not lower myself to their standards.


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Enjoys sports and all kinds of music, especially dance music. Playing the keyboard and piano are favorites. Family and friends are very important.
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