Today was a very important day for the people of the country.  The celebration of Reverend Martin Luther King’s speech entitled, “I have a dream,” has been the frame-work to oppose segregation by nonviolent means for fifty years.  I wonder if integration in the schools has helped the black community.  During my school tenure, the complaints by the blacks always seemed to be the students really wanted their own schools in order to celebrate their culture in all aspects.  At this point in time, it seems the children are not performing.  Is it the teachers or is it the lack of father/mother involvement since 72 percent of black women are mothers but not married?  If this is the case, I think it would be good to have mentors for those children who lack fathers.  Why can’t blacks have their own schools and be run by blacks?  Before integration, we had elementary, junior, and high schools in our community and we always attended the black high school football games.  The way schools are being run today and they certainly are not proficient – why not try something else?  The schools should be set up so that blacks or whites can go to any school whether it is black or white.  Isn’t that what freedom is all about?


August 29, 2013

From what I can gather, the black people want to be self-reliant and work hard and be responsible for themselves. It seems the Socialist Plantation Party are pushing them into this “cradle to grave” lifestyle.  The blacks are going to have to learn how to “push back.”

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