Where did they go?  The jobs went overseas and left the people in this country holding the bag.  Remember the car companies – GM IS HUMMING IN CHINA AND OTHER COUNTRIES OVERSEAS.  Why couldn’t they build these new assembly plants in the U.S. instead of China?  The  drilling on federal land  and in the gulf was shut down after the BP oil spill (why – we didn’t do anything wrong – BP is a European company).  Coal was shut down and no new permits issued.  Something is fishy here!   Manufacturing is shutting down different companies because they keep piling more and more regulations on businesses.  The result is companies are leaving to go overseas because of cheaper labor – union has actually priced themselves out of business.  Under whose watch did all of this occur?  Don’t forget they are looking out for you by substituting all of these “FREEBIES” paid for by the working folks. That is okay – we love working and giving out all of those FREEBIES.  But, sooner or later it will come to a halt when the working people wake up.  So, the question is:  Is all of this contrived to make the folks dependent on the government?


December 7, 2012

The middle class did not go away – only in jobs – they are being held hostage by the unions and the Prez.  These people reelected the Prez for four more years – so now they are going to have to “put up or shut up” as the saying goes.  The Prez owes you people – let’s see if you can make him deliver!  Where are all of those green jobs he paid for with the taxpayers  money.  Billions and billions went down the drain and he certainly was not held accountable according to the election.  So now let’s see once we go over that cliff I know he is going to holler “it is the Republicans fault – I tried to have it my way or the highway.”   The word spending cuts and budget are not in his vocabulary or mind – but SPENDING MONEY – and voting PRESENT – he knows well.  In fact, to heck with you people,  I am going to Hawaii for Christmas (21 days) –  Merry Christmas! 


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