My hearts and prayers go out to all of the people who were affected by this storm.  We were victims of “Ike” with 140 mile/hour winds with 17 feet of water in our house.  Our cities of Port Bolivar and Crystal Beach, Texas,  were wiped out and looked like a war-torn area.  Very little was left standing.  We were very lucky through the grace of God the second story of our house was relatively safe, the bottom level was completely wiped out, the outside siding was completely torn from the frame of the house, and the roof was severely damaged and had to be replaced, and our boat house was damaged and the boat was found about 50 miles away. 

We were unable to actually go in for two weeks after the storm.  When we arrived my heart sank – such devastation. But, compared to others,  at least we had some semblance of a house – others had nothing left.  We immediately started to clean up the debris with the help of relatives.

The National Guard brought drinking  water each day and asked if there was anything they could do.  Fema Flood and the State Windstorm appraisers arrived and asked what damage did we have?  Since we had never been through a disaster of this magnitude, we asked them to survey the entire structure and tell us what the damages would be. 

They both did an excellent job since they knew what they were doing and thanks to them it worked out.  We were expected to get a permit to rebuild the structure which we did.  We found two men who were excellent to work with and completed the entire project in about three months.  Upon completion, it was like a new house.  Our cities have all been rebuilt with all structures like new or new. 

Fema did an excellent job in cleaning up the cities – it looked like a vacuum cleaner had vacuum both cities.  You have to look at it positively because now we have all new homes, new businesses, and all of the washed away junk in the cities is in the bottom of the bay and the Gulf of Mexico. 

My mom always stated:  everything that happens – happens for  a reason.  God always has a way to clean up a mess.  May God Bless all of you and help you through this devastation.


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