Our thoughts and prayers are with you Malala.  I invite all Christian women throughout the world to join me in prayer for this 14-year old child who only wanted to go to school.  What kind of prehistoric religion would allow this? I have always been taught – you either go forward or backward – nothing stands still. 


October 12, 2013

I was overjoyed to see Malala on TV yesterday and still fighting for the will of the women in her country to advance in life.  Such a strong young lady!  May God Bless you in your endeavor.

“Books, the children of the brain.”  Jonathan Swift

April 10, 2014

As we all remember this is the young girl who was shot by the Taliban  with one bullet which went through her head and neck because she defended the right of girls to be educated and was punished for departing from the local Muslim tradition.  The real agenda behind the push for “Islamophobia” is it diverts attention from activities they would probably prefer not to be noticed, such as promoting Sharia law in the West, stealth jihad, and a push to implement a global Islamic caliphate.  They are so hypocritical about this hype but there is a double standard when it comes to  minorities in their own lands.  Saudi Arabia,  Pakistan, Egypt, Turkey, Mauritania, Nigeria, Sudan, Bangladesh, Iraq, Kuwait, Syria, the Palestinian Authority and Iran are among the OIC members that have appalling human rights violations against minorities.  

Many Muslims in the West use Islamophobia as a penalty card against free speech whenever Muslims are criticized.  This response only stifles dialogue, debate and discussion.  If they are to live among us in America, we must have this debate which only enhances a healthy thriving democracy.  In America,  we cherish free speech and have the freedom to criticize anyone if they are indulging in violence, intolerance and radicalization.  

The problem with the Muslim society is when they enter a country they enter not to integrate into society but to build their own government within their people.  They build their own cities within the country and are governed by their elders.  This is certainly noticeable in Great Britain.  In fact, the police will not even enter their part of London.  We must not let that happen in America!

The definition of  Islamophobia is the “dread or hatred of Islam.”



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