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The rot of hypocrisy.

Have you ever seen a pack of horses when they were frightened by sudden outburst and how they run because they are scared of what might be facing them. Well, that was the fake news media today. It wasn’t really the outrage of Mrs. Ford who recently stated 30 odd years ago – Judge Kavanaugh tried to assault her with three other young men according to her therapist.

She could not remember where or whose house they were for a party nor could she remember how she got to the house or left the house after the house. Supposedly they were all drunk as a bunch of skunks. The media are using this for their outrage. I have never seen anything like it on all stations they were out of their heads.

The real reason for this selective outrage is the Prez has declassified the FISA abuse of power information which will raise the curtain on the cast of characters in the Obama administration, including Obama, and the main street media who were included in the real collusion with Russia which they tried to hang on Prez Trump.

Even John Brennan, who was fired as the CIA head stated on national TV for the organizations to defy the Prez and not release the information because he is right in the middle of this treason and will be exposed for his role.

As I said earlier, what a bunch of rotten humans.