Here is another blog that Google seems fit to not be categorized and is censoring me.  They have it set up to ‘GO TO TRASH.”

Just been pondering, how long it would take before someone would be criminally charged in toppling these statues.  It is not the protesters property but government or city property and it cost a lot of money to place them there – at one time – it did mean something to the town or they would not have spent a lot of dollars to put them there.

It is time for the citizens to require the protesters who brought it down should pay to have it put back in place and spend some time in jail.  While in jail they need to perform community service in the city cleaning up the parks so that those “Boys who wore the Gray ” will have a clean park.

Protesters in Durham, North Carolina tear down statue dedicated to the ‘Boys Who Wore The Gray’;

When protesters, angry over the deadly incidents in Virginia this weekend, decided to take down a nearly century-old statue of a Confederate soldier in North Carolina on Monday, law enforcement stood back and watched.

At no time did officers with the Durham Police Department or deputies with the Durham County Sheriff’s Office intervene as activists brought a ladder up to the statue and used a rope to pull it down, according to multiple media reports.

No one was arrested Monday, however, a day later, Durham County Sheriff Mike Andrews announced investigators were working to identify the protesters and planned to bring criminal charges against them.

“We decided that restraint and public safety would be our priority,” Andrews said in a statement posted on his agency’s website. “As the Sheriff, I am not blind to the offensive conduct of some demonstrators nor will I ignore their criminal conduct.”


He continued: “My deputies showed great restraint and respect for the constitutional rights of the group expressing their anger and disgust for recent events in our country. Racism and incivility have no place in our country or Durham.”


Why not?  Weren’t they destroying government property?  The Policemen should be fired for dereliction of duty.

Finally, someone had the guts to put the boot to the throat of these protesters.

Note to all Policemen:   Let’s see more criminal charges – we don’t have to worry – Obama’s gone and he won’t put the good guys in jail for following the law.