Watching the Hannity show last evening who was interviewing President Trump made me realize what the Democrat Marxists Pigeons have done to our country. Obama/Biden/Schumer/Pelosi/media, plus foreign countries, have continue to crap on President Trump – still – every day/all day long there is one report after another trying to humiliate him. They have to realize by now that by crapping on President Trump – they are continuing to crap on the American people. What they did to him ever since he and Melania walked down those elevators was to destroy our country.

Hilarious Meme Perfectly Describes What It’s Like Arguing With A Liberal

Remember all of those same people were the people who were part of and gave us the Chinese virus to rearrange the world in their Marxists pigeon fashion.

The rest of the world do not realize that what they did to the U.S. was only to bite the hand that had been feeding the whole world with money and as protectors.

All of this is being brought to your attention since new elections will be coming up in the coming years and we must vote all of these people out of office who caused this mayhem throughout the world and in the U.S. We aren’t able to punish these people for what they have done; but, God will take care of them on judgement day for all of the genocide with abortions and the Chinese virus they have caused. They have been beating their chests for must too long. We look forward to their punishment since they can’t live forever and we will celebrate that day.

Now the reason for the season. Happy Thanksgiving is tomorrow and for those who survived the awful tragedy in Wisconsin, we pray for you and your families who are grieving for your loss. This was only the result of more Democrat Marxists pigeon drops from the Democrat Marxists pigeons for not punishing our young man who was defending himself from these same hoodlums. and is now a free man. This was more mayhem put on us by the Democrat Marxists pigeons – so you know what they have put all of us through since “before President Trump was elected.”

Pray for all of the people on Thanksgiving who are fighting against this mayhem which the Democrat Marxists pigeons are putting on us. It is time for their reign to end.

It was just reported that Pelosi just purchased for Thanksgiving – a $25 million home in Florida with money garnered through her corrupt activities.


Again, may God Bless all of you and may all of you have a happy Thanksgiving.

Also, a heart-felt blessing to President Trump/Family for giving his heart/soul to our country and sacrificing so much and receiving so little in return.


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  1. balladeer says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!


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