Did Brian Kilmeade have Pete Hegseth’s suit on this morning – sure looks like it?

Brian on Fox and Friends this morning was in great form discussing the President with Daniel Henninger of Wall Street Journal. They were discussing a poll by No Bodies Count (NBC) – whereby the poll had a high number against the President. Well, Brian, didn’t you reach in the wrong barrel of numbers? Surely, by now, you know that No Bodies Count is lock, stock, and barrel in the “socialist” corner and have been the main stay of the “HATE TRUMP PARADIGM?”

Maybe Brian needs to have that cup of coffee, earlier, to get his brain in gear? Sometime I worry about Brian when he goes out in space and pulls one of these “what were you thinking.” It is called “bait and switch.” By now, he should know that No Bodies Count employees are not for America – they were all in the “Obama dark government swamp’s” camp and are a part of the fake news (all of these minions worked for Obama).

We know that the fake news are all un-American and No Body Counts (NBC)are all Obama’s mother suckers.


Did I just think and say that? If you thought I said another word you were wrong. Take your mind out of the gutter. Remember thinking and saying are two different things. My thinking was French and my saying was all American and is showing up this morning.

Yeh, the truth always hurts, ouch!

Have a good day, Folks.


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Enjoys sports and all kinds of music, especially dance music. Playing the keyboard and piano are favorites. Family and friends are very important.
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