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Top Democrats All Agree with Trump’s Immigration Plans

Liberals love to bicker with every single thing the President of the United States has been doing since he took office. However, his entire immigration stance comes from exact quotes taken from top Democrats, including former President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made while in office.

Yet, if you were to bring up these ideas in an open conversation with a liberal, they would either deny it or say it is completely different. The fact of the matter is what President Trump is doing is completely in line with what top Democrats have been saying for a long time.

Many immigrants who come up from Mexico do put in quality work on fields that may not be done otherwise. Many are hard-working and are willing to do whatever it takes to get their job done. Many are here legally, but there are also many here who are around illegally.

It is also true that illegal immigrants taking jobs is not the only issue with illegal immigration into the United States. Many women cross the border in order to give birth to a child and then, once caught, they leave the country, giving up their child. This child becomes an instant burden to the U.S. tax system, yet they are considered “American Citizens” and so the money spent to raise this child is not counted when looking at how much illegal immigrants cost the United States.

This is a real problem states such as Arizona and New Mexico face and why Donald Trump has put into effect his immigration plan. But how have top Democrats agreed with President Trump? Watch the video and find out.

So, what is the problem, if we all agree – we need a wall?



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  1. Centinel2012 says:

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    Progressives from both parties will tell you what their handlers want to tell you, and since the handlers have the money the progressives say yes Sir or Ma’am and then they go out and tell the masses what they must do.


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