Listening to Rush Limbaugh,  yesterday,  made me wonder what was going on in one part of this Republican party?  He stated that the party wanted to win in the 2014 fall election;  but, they did not want to win “big.”  And, what is the purpose of this – not wanting to win big?  The motive in the people’s eyes is – we just want to win – big or small! 

It seems the last two elections have been mystifying to me.  In both elections, McCain and Romney, the party seemed to be ahead, seemed they both realized they were pulling ahead, and then seemed to proceed to pull back on the reins – like they really did not want to win.  In McCain’s campaign, he left the trail, and returned to Washington to vote on a bill.  Then on top of that, his main manager started criticizing Palin about some clothes she was buying and everything went downhill after that.  In Romney’s case,  he disappeared after his criticism of Obama and Benghazi for two weeks.  In the meantime, Rove and some other polls showed numbers that even I did  not believe.  So what is with these people who are the “Elite” Republicans?  And, now these same people are saying they don’t want to win “big” and are trying to beat up on the “Tea” party?  The way I look at it, we have got to stop playing party politics within and “play to win.”  If these “Elites” are trying to gerrymander the party –  then the rest of the people in the country are going to have to vote “to take the country back” whether we are Republicans, Democrats, or Independents, or don’t know who you are.  The route we are taking – in the end – if these Socialist Democrats in the White House, who are turning our country into a third world, win in this next election because the Republicans cannot decide whose side they are on –  then all citizens need to step in and take over. The votes in the Senate continue to show a lot of people who are the “Elite” are voting with the Democrats to give our leader anything he wants.  They have some explaining to do.  It does not pass the “smell” test!



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